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Top 8 Things To Know Before You Buy Artificial Turf For Dogs And Pets In La Jolla

Things To Know Before You Buy Artificial Turf For Pets La JollaArtificial turf for dogs and pets is a relatively new product on the market. There are many benefits to having this type of surfaces in outdoor play areas, exercise yards and pet relief locations for your furry friends. Before you jump into the purchase, there are several things that you should know about such as:

Artificial Turf For Dogs And Regular Artificial Turf Are Not Same

Artificial turf for dogs is not the same as regular artificial turf. This type of surface has been developed to accommodate pets off all sizes and it is designed to be soft on the paws during relieving themselves. It looks natural, does not harbor germs and can be used in all weather conditions such as rain, sun and snow.

Cost Is High

The cost of this type of product is relatively high compared to other types of surfaces such as pea gravel or mulch because installing an artificial turf yard requires heavy equipment such as a sod cutter or tractor . It also requires frequent maintenance which includes checking and maintaining drainage systems and re-seeding damaged sections occasionally. Keep in mind that you will need at six inches of depth combined with the base material that the system is installed on, so it will need at least eight inches of depth.

Maintenance Is Required

Make sure that you maintain your new yard after installation whether you have a synthetic grass or another type . Maintaining means removing waste, pet hair and other debris which can become harmful if left unattended. You should also check for holes or any damage done by your pets because they may cause drainage problems since this type of surface does not absorb urine like natural lawns do.

Install Lights

Electricity costs are low but make sure to install flood lights in dark areas especially where dogs hang out at night to keep them safe from potential predators such as coyotes or stray dogs.

Do Not Add Fertilizers

Remember to keep away any toxic substances such as fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals from your artificial turf because it can seep through to the soil and may cause health problems for your pets. Fertilizers containing urea should not be used when you have a synthetic lawn either.

Install A Sump Pump

Flooding in your yard is very dangerous because animals can get caught inside which will result in an expensive rescue mission . If possible, try installing a sump pump in case of heavy rainfall to avoid water flowing into the system, thereby avoiding damage to drainage system underneath which could lead to leaks and mold problems.

Install Synthetic Grass If Your Dog Likes To Dig Holes

If you have a dog that likes to dig holes, invest in a synthetic grass product that is tough enough not to be damaged by the claws of your pets because some products require edging or an additional layer glued on top for reinforcement . There are also pet-friendly surfaces which can save you from spending extra money on covers.

Keep Cats Away

It’s recommended to keep cats away from fake grass because they may play with the blades and do their business on it while sharpening their nails . You should probably choose a pet turf type instead or simply avoid this kind of surfaces if you own a cat since it could cause injuries to them. Other types of pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are not recommended to stay on this type of landscaping because it is uncomfortable for them .


It is worth the expense if you want to maintain a beautiful, clean yard. For our artificial grass services contact Artificial Grass La Jolla at (858) 779-0088.